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1954Our mission is to provide a superior educational experience that propels the children into a cadre of leadership for the future. Leadership that will deter violence and criminality while committed to community, reaching back to enrich and fulfill other young lives as they strive to make a better America.
Our goal is to generate a new generation of Truths, Obamas, Clintons, McNeil Turners, Douglass’, Mandelas, Powells, Santanas, Winfreys, Angelous, Perrys,Cecil Murrays, Jordans, Marsalis’, Evars.
Our model is a donor, Dr. Samuel G. Benson, MD., PhD who has multiple degrees in psychiatry, medicine, law and has touched every aspect of society from prisons to youth development programs with his generosity.
We intend to enhance their academic performance so that they are second to none. The enhancement will be via the computer literacy, the arts, music, instrumentation, dance, advanced and gifted academic classes in science, english literature, math, media and networking.

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