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18 - Sojourner TruthFounding and Current Sojourner Boards:


The Founding Board is as presently established below consisting of husband and wife teams of those committed to the educational growth and health of our children,


The Current Board will be those individuals chosen to guide Sojourner once established and functioning.


FOUNDING BOARD:Sojourner & Lincoln


   Special thanks to

Dr. Samuel G. Benson, Fred Brooks and

Larry Hutcheson as catalysts and consultants.

They are friends and individuals who have been influential in designing the Academy.
Their experience spans decades and hundreds of charter and private schools throughout the country.

Bishop Dr. Cynthia King Bolden Gardner, J.D., D.Div. : CEO, retired lawyer, former Child Counsel for Erie County, NAACP Vice Chair, Presiding Prelate of New Mercy Seat Ministries, co-Pastor of Greater Love & Liberty Christian Center, Inc.

Mrs.Thelma Cocroft: retired Leake School District educator.

Mr. Bulus Leflore: retired military, former Leake County School Board member.

Mr. David Cocroft: Alderman, former athlete, NAACP Political Action Chair.

Mr. Lyvonne Leflore: retired educator, Democratic Party Vice Chair.

Mrs Verna Felton former principal, current educator, Masters in education

Mr. Alonzo Felton government employee, contractor

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